22-01-2007 10:32 ALB

ALB launched to assist Azimouth Leonardo, a 100 ton, 98 ft luxury power cruiser with engine failure, positioned 6 miles south east of Hastings. Vessel was taken under tow by lifeboat, handed over to Newhaven lifeboat for onward passage to Brighton..


2-02-2007 22:10 ILB

ILB launched at coastguard request to investigate reports of a woman in the water by Hastings Police. Crew successfully located the casualty in difficulty approximately 70 yards from the beach near Hastings Pier, and beached to transfer to waiting ambulance.


13-02-2007 16:31 ILB

ILB launched to investigate reports of children trapped on the beach at the cliffs to the east of Hastings. A group of four children was located to the east of the Fairlight Coastguard lookout station and all were successfully collected into the ILB and brought back to the lifeboat station, where they were transferred to awaiting parents.


14-02-2007 15:48 ILB

ILB launched at coastguard request to investigate reports of a child cut off by incoming tide on rocks near Warrior Square. ILB quickly located casualty and beached to transfer to waiting police.


17-03-2007 15:06 ILB

ILB launched at coastguard request to investigate report of person in the water or possibly stuck on rocks off Bexhill. Once on scene casualty found to have made own way ashore. ILB checked that all persons had been accounted for, then recovered surfing kite from water. ILB then returned to station.


6-04-2007 14:26 ILB

ILB launched to a report of a capsized angling boat off of Warrior Square area of Hastings, with people in the water calling for help. Once on scene the capsized vessel was found and the 4 people on board had been picked up by another angling boat, as there were no injuries the angling boat took the people back to shore while the ILB crew attempted to tow the vessel back to the beach. Once back at the beach, with the aid of lifeboat crew ashore the vessel was righted and recovered from the water.


11-04-2007 ON EXERCISE ILB

While on exercise, Dover coastguard called for the assistance of the ILB to investigate reports of a dinghy with two persons on board in difficulty in the vicinity of Hastings Pier. ILB quickly found the casualty which had broken oars and towed back inshore before continuing with exercise.


13-04-2007 21:30 ILB

ILB launched to a report of a boat with loss of engine power offshore near Bulverhythe. The casualty was quickly located and towed into berth.


21-04-2007 15:48 ILB

ILB launched to a report of a swimmer in difficulty opposite Warrior Square. Crew located casualty who was uninjured but tired and took him ashore.


01-05-2007 08:33 ILB

ILB launched to a report of an upturned hull sighted south of Carlisle Parade. A thorough search was made of the area with the informant helping guide the ILB through contact with the coastguard, however nothing was found and ILB stood down.


28-05-2007 12:23 ALB

ALB launched to assist vessel reported broken down 2 miles south west of Hastings Pier. Once on scene, two crew members transferred over to assist in rigging tow lines. Once secured, vessel was taken under tow in to harbour at Hastings.


31-05-2007 12:00 ILB

ILB launched to a report of an person falling from cliffs at Fairlight. A thorough search was made of the area, in conjunction with a coastguard helicopter, but nothing was found. Stood down after suspicions of a hoax call were raised.


22-06-2007 05:22 ALB

ALB launched to assist a fishing vessel with jammed rudder approximately 600 yards off shore, south west of the boathouse. Once on scene, the casualty was passed a tow line and brought back in alongside the ALB where waiting shore crew assisted in bringing the casualty onto the beach.


19-07-2007 18:04 ILB

ILB launched to a report of an inflatable in difficulty with two persons on board offshore in Bexhill. Once on scene, the inshore lifeboat located the casualty and offered assistance, which was not needed. ILB then escorted the inflatable to safety.


22-07-2007 14:22 ALB

ALB launched to assist a casualty on board a yacht with head injuries sustained as a result of a fall, approximately 3 miles off Fairlight. Once on scene, two crew members were transferred to the yacht to assess the casualty. It was agreed that the best option was to transfer to the ALB after initial first aid was given. Once the casualty was transferred, a crew member stayed with skipper of the yacht to assist in onward passage to Eastbourne, while the casualty was transferred to a waiting ambulance once ALB was on shore.


23-07-2007 14:16 ILB

ILB launched to a report of a person in the water on the east side of Hastings Pier. The casualty was quickly located but aggressively declined assistance, showing the crew that he was carrying a weapon. On advice of Dover coastguard, ILB stayed close to the casualty and attempted to calm him down. Once this was achieved, casualty was taken on board and handed over to awaiting ambulance on the beach.


02-08-2007 14:10 ILB

ILB launched to a report of a vessel ashore in the vicinity of Ecclesbourne Glen. Once on scene, crew found two adult males with a small open fishing boat which had drifted ashore after engine failure. ILB took 2 males from the beach and returned them to the motor boat and yacht club. ILB then returned to casualty vessel to rig tow and landed it at the same club.


02-08-2007 21:31 ALB

ALB launched to report of red distress flares being seen in the vicinity of the Sovereign Light Tower. Extensive search carried out involving Hastings and Eastbourne RNLI Lifeboats and HM Coastguard helicopter. Nothing found, possible meteor activity blamed for the sighting.


03-08-2007 12:58 ILB

ILB launched to a report of four swimmiers in difficulty near Hastings pier. ILB quickly located the swimmers reported by the informant, however they were not in difficulty so after checking with each of them ILB returned to station.


04-08-2007 12:53 ILB

ILB launched to a report of lone swimmer in difficulty off Marina in St Leonards. Once on scene, ILB crew liased with HM Coastguard to confirm location of casualty, when located ILB crew were advised that swimmer was not in any difficulty and was returning to shore. ILB sttod by until swimmer ashore then returned to station.


05-08-2007 20:39 ILB

ILB launched to a report of inflatable drifting out to sea off Bridge Way, St Leonards. Once on scene it was discovered that the inflatable had an outboard engine which had run out of fuel. The occupants tried to row back to shore but were unable to do so against the tide. ILB returned vessel to its launch point and met with HM Coastguard on scene. ILB then returned to station.


08-08-2007 21:12 ILB

ILB launched to a report of persons stuck on cliffs at Fairlight. After a short search, casualties were located by ILB crew, who then illuminated area to assist HM Coastguard team into position above casualties, from where they dispatched a cliff rescue team to assist the casualties up.


10-08-2007 14:04 ILB

ILB launched to a report of inflatable being carried out to sea. After a search of the area led to nothing being found, HM Coastguard confirmed with first informant that inflatable had indeed made its own way back to shore.


11-08-2007 17:12 ILB

ILB launched.


12-08-2007 12:43 ILB

ILB launched after information received that a person was stock on the harbour arm and was not able to return to shore due to feeling ill. Casualty transferred to ILB and returned to shore where he was assesed by one of the crew (ambulance technician). She advised that the casualty had swallowed a reasonable amount of water and that he should go to hospital to be checked over. Casualty refused even after repeated attempts to persuade him, and left the boathouse with friends looking ill.


19-08-2007 17:22 ILB

ILB launched after reports of person in difficulty opposite Stamco in ST Leonards. Once on scene, ILB found 1 person fishing from small boat. Using coastguard information, crew ascertained that this was the casualty, and rather than waving for help he was merely casting his line. ILB returned to station.


22-08-2007 07:16 ALB

ALB launched to report of vessel taking on water apoproximately 3.5 miles SSE of boathouse. Casualty ‘Fair Trade’ located being under tow from RX1066. Coxswain elected to transfer 2 crew members over to casualty and salvage pump. Once crew in place and salvage pump operating, tow line was taken from RX1066 and casualty was brought ashore at The Stade.


25-08-2007 04:47 ILB AND ALB

ILB launched with ALB after coastguard notified of despondant person seen walking towards the sea by Marina. After setting up a search pattern, both boats proceeded to search along the area for several hours, joined by the coastguard helicopter. After extensive serching by all agencies involved, nothing was found and both boats returned to station.


25-08-2007 17:06 ILB

ILB launched to reports of dog in distress towards Ecclesbourne Glen. Casulty quickly located and ILB brought ashore to assess the situation. Dog owner very distressed, so it was agreed with coastguards to take pet and owner in ILB back to the boathouse, where coastguard took them to local vets.


03-09-2007 12:03 ILB

ILB launched to reports of cries for help heard coming from the cliffs around the Ecclesbourne Glen area. ILB quickly on scene with three crew members, who then proceeded to search the area. Crew spoke with several members of the public to ascertain if they had seen or heard anything. Coastguard team was also dispatched to search the area. After a thorough search of the area, ILB stood down by Dover Coastguard as nothing untoward found.


09-09-2007 21:59 ILB

ILB launched after 2 males called the coastguard for assistance cut off by tide at Fairlight. Once on scene, ILB located casualties and helmsman guided the boat ashore to collect them. ILB then returned to station with casualties who were handed over to coastguard team.


15-09-2007 16:56 ILB

ILB launched after reports of a drifing inflatable near Ecclesbourne Glen. One on scene ILB located potential casualty who confirmed he had been at varying disctances from the shore of up to 300 yards, but was in no trouble. ILB then returned to station.


16-09-2007 22:17 ALB

ALBs launched after the report of a red flare came from three sources. After an extensive search in conjunction with coastguards on shore ALB was stood down at 23.44 to return to station.


30-09-2007 12:50 ILB

ILB launched after fishing vessel was reported to be disabled off Bulverhythe. While making way to the casualty, crew identified another vessel in difficulty. Once they ascertained that there was no immediate danger for this second vessel (Young Jane) they continued to inital reported casualty to find them broken down. A tow was rigged and the vessel was brought ashore. Once ashore, ILB then went to second casualty who had now restarted their engine and was making its own way to shore. ILB ensured second casualty ashore then returned to station.


14-10-2007 15:29 ALB and ILB

ALB launched after yacht ‘Sarah Jane’, en route from Poole to Ramsgate via Dover radioed to say they had lost rudder and were being dragged in towards shore at Fairlight. When ALB arrived on scene the yacht was firmly aground. ILB launched at 15:46 to get closer in shore for inspection. 3 crew members were transferred to the beach to assess the situation and discuss with the skipper and his passenger. After detailed communications with coxswain on the ALB, it was agreed that as the vessel was actually out of the water at this point, the best way to approach it would be to lay anchor for the vessel and attempt to re-float at high tide (00:40). The crew re-assembled at 22:00 for re-launching of boat lifeboats at 22:15. Once back on scene 2 crew members from the ALB, including the Deputy 2nd Coxswain, and 2 from the ILB were transferred over in to rig a new towline and make the vessel ready for towing. As the tide rose the vessel was successfully re-floated just after midnight and after checking all was safe and well, a tow commenced to Rye Harbour. ILB was released and returned to station and was again ready for service at 01:30. ALB continued to Rye Harbour with crew on board the casualty, which was safetly moored up and reunited with the owner who had been taken by road to the berth. ALB then returned to station and was refueled and ready for service at 03:00.


19-10-2007 00:28 ILB

ILB launched after reports of a red flare seen from Hastings seafront. Coastguard took up position on the seafront to help guide ILB to correct position. Once on scene, ILB fired one white paraflare to illuminate the area. Nothing was found and once coastguard was happy there was nothing untoward ILB was released. As it was a very clear night, it is thought this was possibly a reflection or meteor activity. ILB refuelled and ready for service at 01:20.


26-10-2007 11:15

ALB ALB Launched to yacht ‘Sailor Two’ with 3 persons on board which had run out of fuel positioned just south of Fairlight. Took vessel under tow towards Sovereign Harbour and met with Eastbourne Lifeboat where tow was handed over at approximately 13.15. ALB back on station at 14.10
Crew: Coxswain Martin Phillips, Mechanic James Turreff, crew members Mark Stapley, Glenn Barry, Richard Ball, John Stutchbury


27-10-2007 00:28 ALB

ALB Launched to the assistance of the Yacht Maggie May who was low on fuel and unable to make passage in the conditions, once vessel was located a crew member was put on board to help the single handed skipper. a tow was established and passage made for Rye Harbour. Yacht and Lifeboat were safely alongside in Rye at approx 0032 hrs. Lifeboat then departed Rye Harbour for Hastings ariving back at station at 0112hrs.
Crew: Deputy 2nd Coxswain Graham Furness, Mechanic James Turreff, crew members Steve Warne, Sloane Phillips, Glenn Bary, Tim Walsh, Becky Sullivan


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