06-01-2008 17:32 ILB

ILB crew paged for immediate readiness when a canoe was spotted without its user up river from Rye Harbour. After awaiting further instruction, coastguard stood boat down.

28-01-2008 20.31 ALB

ALB launched to assist a 22 metre motor yacht, the Mayflower Garden, whose engine was disabled and were drifting near Fairlight with 2 persons on board. Once on scene, 2 crew were transferred over, including station mechanic James Turreff, to set about attempts to repair. Whilst these were ongoing, a tow was rigged to the vessel and the AWB set off towards Sovereign Harbour. Attempts to restart the engine proved futile, so the vessel was towed at a steady speed to Eastbourne where she was berthed for the night.
ALB returned to station at 01.30, ready for service 02.15.
Crew: G Furness, S Warne, J Turreff, G Barry, G Coffee, L Driver, T Walsh


09-02-2008 12:51 ILB

ILB crew paged after a dog had been reported seen fallng over the cliffs at Fairlight. After a search was made, the first informant called in to confirm that the dog had in fact made its own way back up the cliffs and was back with the owner.ILB returned to sation and back on service a 13.25.


23-02-2008 12:31 ILB

ILB crew paged after persons were reported stuck under the cliffs at Fairlight. Once on scene, 3 person were found to be on th cliff face, unable to move up or down. ILB crew stood by and guided coastguard cliff rescue to the point above the casualties, staying afloat until all had been safetly taken off. ILB back on service at 15.00
Crew: S Hodgson, G Coffee, T Walsh


14-03-2008 11.01 ALB

ALB crew paged afetr a vessel reported a crew member injured to Dover Coastguard. The 24-year-old man was aboard the Panama registered crude oil tanker Glen Maye, a 272 metre, 150,000 tonne tanker, bound for the port of Oguendjo in Gabon. His injury meant that he had to be evacuated to hospital and the Hastings lifeboat was launched at 11 o clock. Within half an hour the lifeboat was alongside the tanker. Volunteer lifeboat man, Tim Walsh faced a perilous 20-metre climb up the ship’s side on a rope ladder. Tim, an A & E Charge Nurse assessed the casualty before helping him down to the lifeboat. The boat then made its way back to Hastings, handed the casualty over to ambulance service, who took him to the Conquest Hospital.
Crew: Martin Phillips, Ian Owen, Mark Stapley, Glenn Barry, Tim Walsh, Mark Tewkesbury.


16-03-2008 06.00 ALB

ALB crew paged after the alarm was raised at six o clock in the morning. The 37-foot yacht Jitterbug, with four persons on board, had radioed Dover Coastguard saying she was taking on water. The lifeboat crew was scrambled and just over ten minutes later the Hastings boat was speeding toward the stricken vessel, which was just off Pett Level.
The lifeboat made contact with sinking yacht just after half past six. RNLI crewmembers Steve Warne and Mark Tewkesbury were put on board the yacht along with a salvage pump. With the pump running, the water level in the boat was reduced enough to make for Rye Harbour under its own steam, escorted by the Hastings lifeboat.
With the Jitterbug safely in Rye, the lifeboat returned to station and most of the crew were sting down to a well-earned breakfast by ten o clock.
Crew: Martin Phillips, Graham Furness, Steve Warne, Sloane Phillips, Billy Sutton, Martin Tew, Mark Tewkesbury


28-04-2008 11.11 ALB

ALB crew paged by Dover Coastguard after the yacht Fog Cutter called for assistance when it was found to be taking on water in Rye Bay. The Rye Ranges safety vessel Smit Romney had the casualty under tow towards shallower waters. Hastings Lifeboat was called to assist, and took advantage of the fact that Rye Lifeboat was out on exercise in the area in order to assist with the transfer of equipment. Once on scene, with the yacht very low in the water, volunteer crew members Steve Warne and Tim Walsh were transferred over to the yacht, along with two salvage pumps in order to keep the vessel afloat. A tow was rigged and due to the size of the yacht (50ft) it was deemed better to tow into Dover than Rye Harbour.
With both pumps running on the casualty at maximum capacity for over an hour, it is estimated 90,000 litres of water were pumped out of the vessel. The water level was reduced sufficiently to begin the tow, which was handed over to the Dover Lifeboat for the final leg.
Hastings Lifeboat then returned to station, and was back on service at 16.30 .
Crew: Graham Furness, James Turreff, Steve Warne, Mike Eustace, Glenn Barry, Gary Coffee, Tim Walsh


28-04-08 18.55 ILB

ILB crew paged to launch and join in a search for a missing vessel, a rib, which was known to have left Rye Harbour in the afternoon headed for Eastbourne, but had not arrived at the expected time. Crew at Hastings had seen a vessel similar to that described moving Westwards at around 16.00, with three persons aboard. Rye Lifeboat had already been tasked to search the Eastern extremety of the search area, Hastings ILB commenced a search from The Stade to the West, towards Bexhill, and Eastbourne lifeboats launched from Eastbourne moving East to ensure no area was left uncovered. In addition, Whisky Bravo, the coastguard helicopter, and Echo November, the coastguard fixed wing aircraft, both came to assist in the search.
Eastbourne Lifeboat first noted a vessel matching the description of the missing rib just to the east of the Cooden Beach Hotel. Whisky Bravo and Hastings ILB raced to the scene, along with coastguards from Bexhill. Once on scene, it was noted that the rib had been tied to a groyne, apparently left for the night. A member of the public on scene said they had seen the crew of three of this vessel tie up and walk from the beach at around 17.00. At this time the coastguards had managed to get a name and number of the owner of the vessel, and confirmed that the crew were indeed safe and well.
The vessel was recovered to Eastbourne and Hastings ILB returned to station.
ILB back on service at 20.50
Crew: Simon Hodgson, Glenn Barry, Martin Tew


28-04-08 20.50 ILB

As ILB was being put back on service after recovery from the above service, Dover Coastguard paged again after reports of a distressed person seen entering the water near Carlisle Parade. With the crew still in drysuits, ILB was on scene within minutes of the page and commenced a search along the shoreline in conjunction with coastguard teams and the police on the shore. After one sweep, the ILB crew noticed a person running through the surf a little east of where the coastguards were searching. ILB made its way over to the area, and police assisted in helping the distressed man from the water. ILB then returned to station.
ILB back on service at 21.20.
Crew: Simon Hodgson, Glenn Barry, Martin Tew


04-05-08 12.43 ILB and ALB

Coastguard requested the assistance of the ILB after a missing kayaker telephoned a relative to let them know they were in difficulty just off Rock-A- Nore. ILB able to launch very quickly as crew were still in the boathouse after exercise. Once on scene, they commenced a search pattern, then requested that the ALB also be launched as nothing was immediatley forthcoming. Due to the seriousness of the situation, the ALB was also paged to launch. With both boats carrying out searches, the coastguard teams on the cliff, in conjunction with the coastguard fixed wing aircraft, spotted the casualty, around a mile east of where the casualty thought he was. The ILB arrived on scene and helped the casualty out of the water, where he had been for some time, before recovering his kayak and making their way back to the station where there was an ambulance waiting. ALB also made its way back to station.
Both boats back on service at 14.30.
Crew (ILB): Mark Stapley, Billy Sutton, John Stutchbury
Crew (ALB): Martin Phillips, James Turreff, Simon Hodgson, Sloane Phillips, Glenn Barry, Martin Tew, Mark Tewkesbury


05-05-08 12.43 ILB

ILB crew paged after reports came in to the coastguard of an upturned hull sighted just off the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill. ILB was on scene within 15 minutes, where is was ascertained that the boat occupants were actually ashore and the boat had been anchored, having turned over when empty. Once ILB had established the boat owner was indeed OK, it was returned to station.
ILB back on service at .
Crew : Sloane Phillips, Glenn Barry, Terry Smith


10-05-08 15.04 ILB

Coastguard paged crew after a man was sighted on cliffs calling for help at Fairlight. Once on scene, ILB helped guide the coastguards on the cliff to above the casualties position, which was on a loose face of rock. Coastguard commenced trying to get through thick gorse above the casualty, when it was noted that the helicopter Whisky Bravo was in the area having been to Eastbourne in a seperate incident but not needed. When contacted, the crew of Whisky Bravo headed over to Hastings, and guided in by the ILB crew via radio. The winchman on board then proceeded to the casualty, winching him up and landing at Fairlight to drop him off into the care of the coastguard.
ILB back on service at 16.30.
Crew : Glenn Barry, Billy Sutton


12-05-08 14.35 ILB

ILB launched after coastguard requested investigation of an inflatable seen stuck under Hastings Pier. Once on scene it was established there was no-one with the inflatable, which was then retrieved by the crew wh returned to station with it ILB back on service at 15.15.
Crew: Sloane Phillips, Mike Eustace, Becky Sullivan


12-05-08 15.20 ILB

As crew were putting the ILB back on service following the above incident, Dover Coastguard called to request a second launch after another inflatable was seen to the west of the pier. As the crew was still in their suits, the ILB launched and was on scene very quickly. A search commenced of the target area, but nothing was found. While the search was carried out, Dover coastguard radioed in to investigate reports of yet another inflatable seen just offshore opposite the Deluxe amusement arcade. ILB was tasked to investigate this second inflatable while the coastguard fixed wing aircraft was asked to investigate the former. ILB crew recovered the second inflatable, again with no-one with it, and returned to station after the coastguard fixed wing found no trace of the other.
ILB back on service at 16.10.
Crew: Sloane Phillips, Mike Eustace, Becky Sullivan


12-05-08 16.44 ALB

With crew still in the boathouse, Dover paged a request to launch the ALB to a disabled vessel approximately half a mile off Fairlight. With the ALB able to launch quickly, the casualty vessel was quickly located with its crew of 2. Once it was established that the occupants were not injured, a towline was passed and the vessel was towed back in to Rock-A-Nore and handed over to waiting coastguards. ALB then returned to station and was back on service at 18.00.
Crew: Steve Warne, Tim Walsh, Sloane Phillips, Glenn Barry, Mike Eustace, Becky Sullivan, Mark Tewkesbury


13-05-08 16.24 ILB

Dover coastguard requested that the ILB launch after reports of an inflatable dinghy with two persons on board was in difficulty and drifting away from the shore near Carlisle Parade. ILB launched with crew of three, located the casualty and brought them back to the shore where coastguards were waiting to speak to them. ILB then returned to station and was back on service at 17.00.
Crew: Simon Hodgson, Billy Sutton, Martin Tew


14-05-08 13.36 ILB

ILB launched after reports of a dinghy in difficulty south of the railway sheds at the eastern part of St Leonards. ILB launched with crew of two and once on scene quickly located the casualty vessel, containing an adult and a child, both of whom were in a distressed state and feeling ill. ILB crew towed the dinghy into shore alongside after calling for an ambulance where the coastguard team met them.
ILB refuelled and ready for service at 14.30
Crew: Mark Stapley, Billy Sutton


17-05-08 20.00 ILB

ILB crew paged after dinghy reported to be in difficulty south of the old bathing pool site. Once on scene, the ILB crew spoke with the occupants of the dinght, two adult males, who told them they were not in difficulty. ILB helmsman suggested that as the weather had taken a turn for the worse it may be wise to go ashore in the failing light and the ILB would escort them in. At this point the dinghy occupants discovered that their engine would not start so they could not make it to shore under their own power anyway. ILB towed alongside into shore where they were handed over to waiting coastguards.
ILB back on service at 20.55
Crew: Glenn Barry, Sloane Phillips, Mark Tewkesbury


23-05-08 08.35 ALB

All Weather Boat launched at coastguards request after fishing vessel ‘Safi’ reported total engine failure while over 10 miles south east of the station. With the shipping lanes close by, and the Safi drifting, crew stayed in contact with her in order to keep a course to take them straight to her. Once on scene, just over 25 minutes later, a towline was passed in order to take her safetly to Rye Harbour. Once the tow commenced, the skipper of the Safi confirmed that the engines had started, however were running poorly, so the AWB slipped the tow and escorted her into harbour.
AWB back on service at 11.50
Crew: Martin Phillips, James Turreff, Mike Eustace, Richard Ball, Sloane Phillips, Tim Walsh, Becky Sullivan


24-05-08 13.08 ILB

ILB crew paged after an inflatable dinghy was seen drifting with no persons on board, however it had been reported with three persons on board earlier, towards the west. ILB crew managed to pick up the dinghy just west of Galley Hill. Informants to the coastguard reported 3 persons on board, so ILB commenced a search of the area eastwards towards Hastings Pier. At this point, the ALB crew were paged to join the search. ILB conducted a search in conjunction with the ALB, also utilising the coastguard fixed wing aircraft Echo November and the RAF search and rescue helicopter which had been nearby assisting an incident in Eastbourne. After a thorough sweep, ILB stood down and back on service at 14.30
Crew: Sloane Phillips, Glenn Barry, John Stutchbury


24-05-08 13.18 ALB

ALB paged to assist in above search. Joined in a search pattern with the ILB, in conjunction with search and rescue aircraft. Stood down at 14.35.
Crew: Martin Phillips, Graham Furness, Steve Warne, RIchard Ball, Gary Coffee, Martin Tew, Tim Walsh


08-06-08 13.32 ILB

ILB paged after people seen in difficulty in the water to the east of Hastings Pier. Once on scene, 3 youths were recovered from the sea and landed on shore to awaiting coastguards.
Crew: Simon Hodgson, Martin Phillips.


23-06-08 14.11 ALB

ALB launched at the request of Dover COastguard after the 36 foot motor cruiser, Porkys Revenge 2, reported suffering from complete engine failure to the starboard engine and a fouled propeller on the port engine. Two crew, James Turreff (Station Mechanic) and volunteer Billy Sutton were transferred over to try and clear the fouling to no avail. Vessel then taken under tow to Eastbourne, returning to station at 17.19.
Lifeboat refuelled and ready for service at 17.45.
Crew: Martin Phillips (Coxswain), James Turreff (Mechanic), Sloane Phillips, Mark Stapley, Louise Driver, Billy Sutton.


25-06-08 18.26 ILB

ILB crew paged for launch in poor conditions, with the sea rough and wind at force 7, after a windsurfer was seen to be in distress off of Warrior Square. Once on scene, after radio contact with the coastguard team in Dover, it was ascertained that the surfer had made their own way ashore. ILB requested that the Hastings coastguard team meet the casualty and returned to station.
ILB refuelled and ready for service at 19.00
Crew: Simon Hodgson, Glenn Barry, Tim Walsh


25-06-08 22.17 ALB

ALB crew paged after 26 foot yacht Pearletta put out a mayday call after suffering from total steering failure approximately 3 miles south of Hastings Pier. Once on scene, volunteer crewmember Tim Walsh was transferred over to assess the situation and found the rudder to be damaged beyond immediate use. A tow was then rigged to the Lifeboat, and the casualty vessel was taken slowly due to the weather conditions into Eastbourne Marina. ALB then returned to station.
ALB refuelled and on service at 03.05
Crew: Martin Phillips (Coxswain), James Turreff (Station Mechanic), Grahm Furness (2nd Coxswain), Mike Eustace, Martin Tew, Tim Walsh, Mark Tewkesbury


30-06-08 13.01 ALB

Dungeness Lifeboat requested the ALB launch to take over the tow of Quintette Two, a yacht which had been dismasted. ALB met with the casualty and Dungeness lifeboat in Rye Bay, and put two crew members on board to continue the tow on into Eastbourne. Once the casualty was berthed, Lifeboat made its way back to station.
ALB refuelled and ready for service at 17.45.
Crew: Martin Phillips (Coxswain), James Turreff (Station Mechanic), Mike Eustace, Chris Cooper, Sloane Phillips, Mark Stapley, John Stutchbury.


02-07-08 15.39 ALB

ALB crew paged after Dover Coastguard received word from yacht Pieterje 2, a Netherlands registered vessel, that they had engine difficulty approx 2 miles south of Hastings. Once on scene, station mechanic James Turreff and deputy 2nd coxswain Steve Warne were transferred over to assess the situation. A tow was made ready and while underway, the station mechanic found the source of the problem and rectified it with one of the many parts he carries in his overalls! Yacht was towed to the fairway bouy at Eastbourne where the engine could be safetly restarted and the yacht made its own way into the locks, followed by the Lifeboat, where crew and equipment were transferred back.
ALB refuelled and ready for service at 20.45
Crew: Martin Phillips (Coxswain), James Turreff (Station Mechanic), Graham Furness (2nd Coxswain), Mark Stapley, Steve Warne (deputy 2nd Coxswain), Billy Sutton, Becky Sullivan


11-07-08 17.37 ILB

Dover Coastguard paged to launch ILB after a swimmer was reported in difficulty off Hastings seafront. As the crew assembled, radio transmissions between Hastings Coastguard and Dover showed that the casualty had in fact made their own way back to shore, so Dover advised that ILB assistance was no longer required.


19-07-08 15.04 ALB

ALB was requested to launch to a disabled yacht which was drifting quickly inshore approximately 1 mile off Hastings seafront. Once the lifeboat was on scene, a towline was passed to the casualty vessel and a tow commenced. Due to the weather conditions, a maximum speed of 4kts was used in the long tow to Eastbourne Sovereign Harbour. Once the casualty was safetly moored on a pontoon, ALB returned to station, arriving back around 20.00.
ALB refuelled and ready for service at 20.30
Crew: Steve Warne (Deputy 2nd Coxswain), Graham Furness (2nd Coxswain), Mike Eustace (2nd Mechinic), Tim Walsh, Billy Sutton, Sloane Phillips, Glenn Barry


22-07-08 12.34 ALB

ALB crew were paged by Dover Coastguard to launch after an angling vessel had reported a battery explosion, approximately 3 miles south of Hastings RNLI boathouse. Once on scene, after it was ascertained there were no injuries to the personnel on board, a tow was rigged to enable them to be brought back to the berths adjacent to the boathouse. Once the casualty was ashore, ALB returned to station.
ALB refuelled and ready for service 14.00
Crew: Martin Phillips (Coxswain), Steve Warne (Deputy Second Coxswain), Mike Eustace (2nd Mechanic), Tim Walsh, Mark Stapley, Martin Tew, Billy Sutton


30-07-08 17.19 ILB

ILB crew requested to launch after a member of the public saw a dinghy overturn approx 100yds east of Hastings pier. Once on scene it was discovered that the occupants had made their own way ashore and were being assessed by paramedics. ILB returned to station for a crew change then continued on its Wednesday night exercise.
Crew: Glenn Barry, TIm Walsh, John Stutchbury


02-08-08 17.03 ILB

ILB tasked to launch after a woman was reported in difficulty just to the west side of the harbour arm. ILB was about to enter the water when the crew was informed that the casualty had in fact made her own way ashore. ILB returned to station.
Crew: Simon Hodgson, Glenn Barry, Mark Tewkesbury


06-08-08 12.29 ILB

During the station open day, the pagers sounded after a worried member of the public saw a dinghy with 2 boys in drifting out to sea off Galley Hill. As crew were already in the boathouse, ILB was able to launch very quickly. Once on scene, a shoreline search commenced, and the casualties were found to have been helped back to shore by a swimmer with a floatation aid who had seen events unfolding. After one crew member was put ashore to check all was well, the casualties were handed over to Bexhill coastguard team. ILB then made its way back to station.
Crew: Glenn Barry, John Stutchbury, Mark Tewkesbury


08-08-08 16.12 ILB

ILB tasked after a member of the public at Ecclsbourne Glen saw two youths in difficulty on the cliffs below. Once on scene, ILB located the casualties who advised they were OK to make their own way back to Rock-A Nore. Coastguard teams on the cliffs above made contact with the first informant to ensure these were the two originally seen. Once this had been established, ILB escorted the youths back to the beach area then returned to station.
ILB back on service at 16.45
Crerw: Simon Hodgson, Glenn Barry


22-08-08 16.55 ILB

ILB paged to launch after a vessel was reported overdue by worried friends, somewhere along the coastline between Hastings and Bexhill. Once launched, ILB started a shoreline search going westwards, and soon came across a speedboat matching the description of the vessel near Glyne Gap. One volunteer crew member was put ashore to clarify this was the missing vessel. Once Dover Coastguard agreed this was the case, casulaties were handed over to Bexhill coastguard team and ILB returned to station.
ILB back on service at 17.35
Crew: Simon Hodgson, Tim Walsh, Mark Tewkesbury


23-08-08 15.11 ILB

Whilst acting as safety craft for the rowing regatta along Hastings seafront, ILB was tasked after reports of persons stranded on the beach near Ecclesbourne Glen. Once on scene, 6 adults and 7 children were found to be stranded from their motor cruiser after their tender had been swamped by the rough seas. ILB transported all persons to the vessel, and assisted in cutting away the fouled anchor form the cruiser so they could continue on their way.
ILB back on service at 17.00
Crew: Glenn Barry, Louise Driver, Martin Tew


25-08-08 11.35 ALB

ALB paged to launch after a 100 ton fishing vessel, the Royal Sovereign form Eastbourne, reported total engine failure 8.5 miles south of the station. Once on scene, a tow was passed to the casualty, and due to the adverse weather conditions, started a long, slow, 6 hour tow to Eastbourne. Once at the harbour entrance, due to the size of the vessel, Eastbourne ILB came to assist maneouvering into the locks. Once the casualty had been safetly moored, ALB made its way back to Hastings.
ALB refuelled and back on service at 20.15.
Crew: Graham Furness (Second Coxswain), Steve Warne (Deputy Second Coxswain), Tim Walsh, Sloane Phillips, Simon Hodgson, Billy Sutton.


09-09-08 18.30 ILB

ILB crew paged after reports of a jet ski and possible persons in the water off Fairlight drifting west. Once on scene, ILB conducted short search of the area, culminating in finding a balloon drifting in the water. Dover confirmed that this was in the area reported, and stood the lifeboat down.
ILB refuelled and back on service at 19.05
Crew: Glenn Barry, Tim Walsh, Billy Sutton


14-09-08 14.42 ILB

ILB launched after reports of a windsurfer in difficulty off the old bathing pool site. After a search of the general area, it was ascertained that the casualty had broken his mast but had repaired on the beach and was in fact back out surfing. After speaking to him to ensure all was safe, ILB returned to station.
ILB back on service at 15.10
Crew: Glenn Barry, Billy Sutton, John Stutchbury


19-09-08 13.05 ILB

ILB tasked to launch to person stuck on the outfall pipe opposite Carlisle Parade after tide had risen. Once on scene, ILB transferred casualty to the beach and after taking some details returned to station.
ILB back on service at 13.20
Crew: Simon Hodgson, Martin Phillips, Sloane Phillips


22-09-08 20.33 ILB

ILB crew paged after a man was reported being in the sea off the promenade near Caves Road. Once on scene, crew using serchlamps were able to find the casualty and brought him on board to take ashore, where they checked him over and kept him warm until an ambulance arrived on scene. Once casualty handed over to paramedics, ILB returned to station.
ILB back on service at 21.30
Crew: Simon Hodgson, Glenn Barry, Tim Walsh


18-10-08 15.58 ILB

Coastguard requested launch of ILB after a 16 ft angling vessel with three persons on board reported complete engine failure south of Galley Hill. Once on scene, a tow was rigged and it was assessed that due to the weather conditions it would be better to bring the vessel back to harbour at Hastings. Once back to the harbour arm, shore crew assisted in bringing the vessel ashore and helped to place in safe storage at the Angling Club.
ILB back on service at 17.45
Crew: Glenn Barry, Simon Hodgson, Tim Walsh


19-10-08 01.09 ALB

ALB was requested by Dover Coastguard to assist in the recovery of a yacht south-west of Hastings Lifeboat Station which was experiencing dificulties. Once on scene, two volunteer crew members, Billy Sutton and Tim Walsh, were transferred over to the vessel to assist in rigging a towline. Once secure, ALB commenced a tow to Eastbourne. After leaving the yacht safetly moored in the marina, ALB returned to station, arriving back at 05.10 for refuelling.
ALB back on service at 05.50.
Crew: Graham Furness (2nd coxswain), James Turreff (station mechanic),Glenn Barry, Tim Walsh, Billy Sutton, Martin Tew, Terry Smith


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