24-06-2011 03.58 ILB

After Dover Coastguard received a mayday call from a vessel taking on water, ILB was reuested to launch to an approximate position off Cooden Beach. En route, as the ILB was passing the De La Warr pavilion, crewmembers saw a handheld red flare alight and madetheir way to the position where they took on board one casualty from the water. While they beached and administered first aid, an ambulance was tasked and Eastbourne Lifeboat arrived on scene and was asked to search the area for any debris. Casualty was very cold and handed over to paramedics when they arrived, who took him to the Conquest Hospital in Hastings.

ILB refuelled and ready for service 05.30
ILB crew: Glenn Barry, Martin Phillips, Peter Sharrod


16-06-2011 21.10 ILB

ILB launched after a small fishing dory requested assistance from the coastguard after finding it difficult to make way against a strong wind and moderate seas. ILB met with the casualty and one member of crew transferred across to guide the vessel back within the harbour arm, where other crew were standing by to assist in getting it up the beach to a safe berth.

ILB refuelled and ready for service 21.35
ILB crew: Simon Hodgson, Glenn Barry, Gary Coffee


12-06-2011 05.48 ILB

ILB asked to standby at immediate readiness after persons were reported as being on Hastings Pier. After police managed to apprehend them, ILB was stood down.


11-06-2011 12.12 ILB

ILB was launched after a small club fishing vessel reported engine failure when approx 2.5 miles south of Hastings. When on scene, ILB crew made good a tow and brought the vessel back to her berth.

ILB refuelled and ready for service at 13.15
ILB crew: Glenn Barry, Martin Tew, Lev Kokunko


07-06-2011 12.53 ALB

ALB was tasked to launch after a distress call received from 20 foot yacht ‘Annabel’ with 2 persons on board which was having problems making headway in the sea conditions One volunteer crewmember was put on board to assist in making good a towline and the vessel was taken in to Eastbourne Sovereign Harbour.
ALB ready for service 16.45
ALB crew: Steve Warne, Graham Furness, Martin Phillips, James Turreff, Billy Sutton, Alan Head


30-05-2011 19.39 ILB

ILB was requested to stand at immediate readiness after reports of a person in the water. Upon investigation, ILB was stood down by Dover coastguard.


25-05-2011 15.57 ILB

ILB tasked to launch after concerned members of the public reported seeing a kayaker in difficulty off Warrior Square. When on scene, ILB crew ascertained the casualty was in fact quite happily fishing. ILB was stood down and returned to station.
ILB ready for service 16.30
ILB crew: Glenn Barry, Steve Warne, Billy Sutton


16-05-2011 11.02 ILB
30-04-2011 17.55 ILB
27-04-2011 14.57 ILB

ILB tasked to launch after concerned members of the public saw an inflatable drifting rapidly out to sea in an offshore breeze. ILB crew tracked the dinghy approx 1.5 miles south of Hastings Pier and found it to be empty. While coastguards conducted investigations on shore, ILB made a sweeping search of the area to ensure there was no-one in the water. Once it was confirmed that it had been blown off the beach during an attempted launch, ILB was stood down and returned to station.
ILB ready for service 15.30
ILB crew: Glenn Barry, Steve Warne


21-04-2011 17.08 ILB

Dover coastguard requested that the ILB launch after an inflatable was deemed to be in difficulty off the harbour arm by members of the public on the beach. Once on scene, ILB crew spoke with the occupants who confirmed they were not in distress and would not be venturing too far.
ILB ready for service 17.35
ILB crew: Martin Phillips, Simon Hodgson, Glenn Barry


11-04-2011 00.58 ALB

ALB launched after a passing yacht reported it had a fouled propellor, possibly from fishing gear. Once on scene, ALB crew worked to try and free the gear, and did succeed in doing so. ALB then escorted vessel for a short way to ensure no mechanical damage had occured then returned to station.
ALB refuelled and ready for service 0315
ALB crew: Martin Phillips, Graham Furness,Mike Eustace, Gary Coffee, Simon Hodgson, Glenn Barry, John Stutchbury


9-04-2011 16.31 ALB

ALB and ILB Both boats requested to launch after a mayday call was recieved by Dover from an angling vessel taking on water, with position being between Hastings and Bexhill. After a 2 hour search witrh nothing found, both boats were stood down and return to station.
ILB crew: Glenn Barry, Simon Hodgson
ALB Crew: Martin Phillips, Graham Furness, Mike Eustace, Sloane Phillips, Chris Cooper, Martin Tew

7-04-2011 16.54 ALB

ALB launched to vessel ‘Bob’ which was approximately 1 mile south of Hastings and unable to start her engines. Once a tow was rigged, passage was made to Eastbourne where the vessel was safetly berthed then ALB returned to station.
ALB refuelled and ready for service by 2045
Crew: Steve Warne, Graham Furnes, Mike Eustace, Glenn Barry, Gary Coffee, Lev Kokunko

31-03-2011 15.01 ALB

ALB requested by Dover Coastguard after th 50 tonne tug ‘St David of London’ reported power loss while approximately 3 miles off Fairlight. With a rough sea, ALB launched immediatley and was quickly on scene. One member of crew was put over onto the disabled vessel in order to assist in rigging tow bridle, and ALB started making way towards Eastbourne, with conditions meaning speeds of less than 7kts were achieved.
Once in Eastbourne, the tug was safetly berthed an ALB made its way back to station, and was ready for service at 2230.
ALB crew: Martin Phillips, James Turreff, Mike Eustace, Glenn Barry, Billy Sutton, Mark Tewkesbury.

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