Hastings ALB was requested to launch at 20:51 tonight to assist in the search for five missing children on the East Hill and possibly stuck on the cliffs. The ALB was tasked to utilise her powerful searchlights to illuminate the cliffs and help locate the children.

The volunteer crew who were attending the Annual Festival of Remembrance at the White Rock Theatre were quickly on scene and located the children on the cliffs just east of Ecclesbourne Glen. The crew managed to communicate with the children using their loud hailer and a series of mobile phone flashes. Also tasked were Hastings Coastguard Rescue Team, Rye Bay Coastguard and Coastguard Rescue Helicopter 162 – The five children were safely walked back to Rock-a-Nore by the Coastguard foot team. No medical assistance required.

A great example of multi-agency working by all involved.